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About Us

April Willis. Photograph by Tina Lucarelli, T-Love Media, LLC

Our Story

I opened Affluent Finds in 2009 with a simple mission – to provide high-end designer clothing and accessories that you would find at stores such as 

Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus – for 65% to 85% off of retail prices. New and like new. Current styles. All in a fresh, organized, inviting environment. I believe that every woman who wants high-end designer clothing should be able to have it and Affluent Finds makes that possible for our customers every day. If you have a passion for fashion and a taste for high end designers – but not necessarily the budget - let us be your new best friend. 

 April Willis, Owner    


How You’re Cleaning Up the Fashion World Resale is Good for People and the Planet

Did you know that by buying and selling at Affluent Finds you’re doing something good for the planet? The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world, next to oil. With so many great treasures already in your closets, you’re giving buyers more options and contributing to a decline in the demand and production of new items. Your well-made luxury pieces hold their value and last longer than fast fashion items. By extending the lifecycle of high-quality goods, you’re helping to create less fashion waste. It’s a double bottom line — you’re earning money and doing your small part to create a cleaner environment. Together, we can make great strides toward a more sustainable fashion industry.